Fri fragt & retur i Danmark | Levering 1-2 hverdage


GAI+LISVA was established in 2007 in a small retail store in Aarhus, Denmark. Soon GAI+LISVA evolved into an independent clothing label, launching the first small collection in 2008. In the beginning the collection was mainly consisting of basics styles – all produced in Europe, and only distributed through GAI+LISVA´s own shop and web shop. In 2013 GAI+LISVA decided to bring the company to another level by opening up for wholesale business. The initiative comes as a reaction of increased demand from customers and stores & the dream of introducing GAI+LISVA to the global fashion arena. Today GAI+LISVA has already made a name for itself on the international arena by selling to shops throughout Europe and Asia. “GAI+LISVA takes its name from 2 old family houses, which were owned by the grandparents of the founder Bettina Aagaard Jensen.”


GAI+LISVA is an honest brand rooted deeply in the Nordic expression of minimalism and purity, a true brand inspired by a natural and healthy lifestyle, taking its starting point from the Scandinavian tradition of simplicity and coolness. It is cool and classic, feminine and straight at the same time. The colors are light and soft with fine small details to catch your attention. GAI+LISVA is clothes you can live breathe and move in – and look your very best at the same time – for any occasion day or night.


Join us and thank you for your interest in GAI+LISVA. We are always looking for new and talented colleagues. Please send your application to