We believe it is important to support organizations and initiatives that make a difference to others.

Below you can see which organizations are close to our hearts and which you have the opportunity to support through us.

Land of hope

We met Anja Lovén on a quiet Sunday for a cup of coffee to learn more about Land of Hope and the big difference they make for children in Nigeria. We are mothers as well, so supporting Land of Hope feels like the right thing to do.

Anja Lovén is the founder of Land of Hope. Land of Hope is an organization that fights to save thousands of so-called "witch children" in Nigeria. The children are accused of being witches and are expelled by their villages. The organization’s purpose is to strengthen local communities and help children out of poverty through education, to make them independent and improve their social skills, so that they contribute to positive development.

Today, Anja and her family live together with more than 90 children at Land of Hope, a home for children who have been expelled because of superstition. At Land of Hope, the children can feel safe, and they are taught and receive care and love. Land of Hope is the largest privately run children's centre in West Africa.

We are grateful that we can help and support Land of Hope.

You can read more about Anja and Land of Hope here.


Viva is an international organization founded by Patrick McDonald in 1994. This organization works to empower and coordinate efforts to support vulnerable children and young people in poor regions. Viva is collaborating with local networks, initiatives and volunteers who are working hard to make a difference for the children. 

Viva’s work is in tune with the UN’s Goals. Goal no. 16 is what is especially important to them: to promote peaceful and inclusive societies, access to justice for all, and to build effective, accountable, and inclusive institutions.

Read more about Viva here.